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Your Voice Here…

Whether you’re already published or just beginning, Aunt Chloe wants to hear from you!

Aunt Chloe seeks poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, short plays and screenplays, songs, visual art, and hybrid texts pertaining to black culture/identity, social justice, freedom, possible futures, … any creative or visionary work that is meaningful to the soul.

In our 2024 issue we will focus on the theme "Our Third Eye"—which refers to perspective, understanding, and sensation. This issue of Aunt Chloe invites you to share art from your experiences of seeing the unseen, knowing the unsaid, and dealing with the consequences that follow. For example, when something doesn't “sit right” with you or, to quote Danielle Deadwyler, it "upsets your breath,” how might you realign or regain equilibrium, utilizing your heightened awareness, intuition, or your innermost strengths? How does your Third Eye lead you to engage with human consciousness as it relates to society or the universe? The concept of the Third Eye is incorporated in many spiritual, religious, and wisdom traditions globally. We welcome diverse interpretations of how it informs and confirms a sense of being, connectedness, and wholeness.


IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL, PROVIDE the GENRE of the work (in all cap’s), FOLLOWED BY YOUR NAME (Example: FICTION by Chloe Wofford; SCREENPLAY by Nijla Mu’min; VISUAL ART by Alison Saar; etc.). Do not include your work's title(s) in the email's subject line. Please include a brief bio (no more than 50-75 words) in the body of the email. SUBMIT ALL PRINTED TEXTS AS WORD DOCUMENTS (docx file format) AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NAME* AND THE TITLE APPEAR ON EACH PAGE OF THE MANUSCRIPT. (*This is a new guideline; include your name at the top right of each page of the printed work.)

Poetry and prose should use an easily readable 12pt font (e.g., Times New Roman, Calibri, Garamond, etc.); short plays and screenplays, however, should use 12pt Courier font, adhere to professional formatting conventions, and be a maximum of 20 pages in length. To ensure consideration, make sure that your work has been copyedited and proofread. Limit of 5 works per person or collaborative team.

Art and photography submissions should include the title of the work and credits (e.g., artist, photographer, creative director, and other contributor(s) or subject(s)—if appropriate), and should adhere to a limit of 1500-2500 pixels (dpi)—Limit of 5 works per person or collaborative team.

All written material should use Word docx file format; visual art, mixed media, film, and music submissions should use jpg/jpeg, png, pdf, mp3, or mp4 file formats. Documentation in scholarly works should follow guidelines in the latest MLA Handbook.


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