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Maya Renee

I Have Never Experienced Darkness​


I have experienced the sea,

And the unforgiving winds atop a pirate ship

That grip my jaw so tight my teeth couldn’t chatter

And rake my naked body through the clothes on my back.


I have experienced battle,

At the helm, waving a blade through these winds,

And feeding enemies to the tidal that slow dances with our ship.

My crew leans and rocks, slicing pirates in rhythm with their waltz.


I have also experienced the forest

Of iridescent dew that drips from the surrounding Hyperions,

Trees so plenty and lush, they blur the sky

And hush the voices outside of my mind.


I have experienced magic

As a glowing fairy zipping between branches and leaves,

Lighting the way in the pitch of night for my woodland friends

as we find shelter until morning break.


I have experienced the Earth as well,

Growing closer as I free-fall to my end.

My limbs go numb while I hurtle toward the ground,

Bracing for the inevitable splatter of a collision.


I have experienced death,

Colliding with Earth and shattering every bone to dust.

Where one would think this is where I would find darkness.

This is only the part when I open my eyes.


When I’m back on Earth

And after all I experienced in the night,

Behind my eyelids,

I have never experienced darkness.


Maya Renee graduated from Spelman College with a degree in English and Creative Writing in 2023. She's from South Florida but has also lived in Harlem, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut. Writing and world creation have been interests of hers since she was nine years old, playing with Barbie dolls. Maya views writing as a valuable tool for creation and escapism, two of her greatest passions. 

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