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Fallon Wilson

The Southern Black Grandmother Couch

(an excerpt of the Grandmother as Couch series)

Scene 3: I Am Grandmother of Stars

Scene 5: I Am Grandmother of Queens

Scene 6: We Are that We Are

These digital collaged pieces include AI art, moving images, GIFs, live video, and sound.

By day, Dr. Fallon Wilson is a public interest technologist and the co-founder of #BlackTechFutures Research Institute where she uses data, policy, research, and community building to build black tech ecosystems in southern cities in the United States. By night, she is a digital video artist seeking to tell black ancestral divinity stories through different forms of video processes from digital collaging, creating gifs, and AI art, to building black art experiences in the metaverse. Dr. Wilson enjoys bending images and videos to tell the stories of black people, featuring their divinity and showing that black people are the future. See more of her art on Foundwork ( She has a B.A. from Spelman College and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Chicago. Follow her on X @SistahWilson. 

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